Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dr. Bob on FoxNews Tonight!

I hope that everyone got a chance to see Dr. Bob on the Fox News program Heartland With John Kasich. The interview, which was about ten minutes long, was great! Intrestingly enough, John Kasich did not mention the time that he campaigned at BJU when he was running for President. I remember it well. However, Kasich needs to brush up on his BJU history. Can someone tell me what's wrong with the following promotion that appears on the FoxNews website?

Plus, Bob Jones III who’s presided over the school his great-grandfather founded, Bob Jones University is stepping down after 34 years at the helm. He’s making way for his son, Rev. Steven Jones to take the reigns. We’ll talk with Bob Jones as he looks back on his contributions to the Christian school and where he sees the school heading under his son’s leadership.

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