Saturday, March 12, 2005


I was the youngest, and I would wake up on Saturday mornings before anyone else. However, I was not allowed to turn on the television by myself, so I would have to wait for someone to wake up and turn it on for me. So I would sit on this small stool in front of the TV when it wasn't even on and act like I was watching it. Someone took a picture of me like this. But when the TV was actually on, I liked a lot of shows. Because my favorite color was orange, I really loved this show called Q-bert. It was based on a video game, but I didn't know that because I didn't play video games. All I knew was that Q-bert was really orange! Then one summer at Cedar Point I played that game where the guy tries to guess your weight/age. I remember thinking how I would have a better chance on winning something if I had him guess my weight, because I would think that it would be fairly easy to guess a kid's age. So anyway my parents paid $1 for me to do this, and he guessed wrong and I got to choose a prize, and I chose this plastic Q-bert coin bank anout 12" tall. I loved it so much and for years I would sleep with it instead of stuffed animals. My parents would laugh because it was so weird because I wanted to sleep with this big plastic bank, but I really liked it!

Why weren't you allowed to turn on the television?
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