Monday, April 11, 2005

Citizens Against Government Waste

A few examples of where your taxes went in the past year:

$350,000 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio
$469,000 National Wildlife Turkey Federation in South Carolina
$70,000 Paper Industry Hall of Fame in Wisconsin,2933,152696,00.html

Those line items arent even a speck in the Budget. THe media should be checking into the larger line items. Did you know that in the State of OHio, medicaid takes up roughly 1/3 of the $51 billion budget with 80% of the medicaid budget going to people in nursing homes. And don't even get me started on the blackhole known as education funding!
That's right! Wisconsin really knows how to use it's money...That's my home state alright...Though, I am surprised that they aren't designating tax money to the World's largest 6-pack of beer in LaCrosse...
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