Thursday, April 14, 2005

Death Tax Politics

I've heard of "ripped from the headlines," but this is crazy! Tonight I caught the beginning of a late night episode of The West Wing. Of course, to put it gently, the plots of that show consistently lean to the left. The viewer is always left with the impression that America is always safer with a democrat in the White House. However, I assume that I'm mature enough now to notice and dismiss the obvious liberal themes of the show's drug-addicted creator Aaron Sorkin. But as I started watching tonight's episode, I suddenly realized that there was something very bizarre about it. All of the characters are nervously awaiting the arrival of some mystery bill freshly passed by Congress, and after about five minutes we hear the words, "Mr. President, I have House Resolution 10, the Death Tax Elimination Act." The President immediately veto's it, and Josh asks, "Sir, if the House successfully overrides the veto, we're gonna look weak." The President replies, "If the House successfully overrides the veto, we are weak." This is when I roll my eyes. I'm not usually one to believe in conspiracies, but I find it difficult to believe that it's just a coincidence that the real House voted yesterday 272 to 162 to completely do away with the death tax forever. It just goes to show how thoroughly saturated the entertainment industry is with far left activists. But I've got to admire whoever is in charge of choosing which West Wing reruns to air. Their quick retaliation of propaganda says that some hippie in the control room is really on top of things, and I'll admit that it was the best reality tv that I've seen all year!

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