Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cheeseburger Inflation

I went to Wendy's today, and I was shocked to see that they had raised the price of the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger from $ .99 to $1.29. At first, I was dissapointed, but after a few seconds I decided that that's the way the capitalist cookie crumbles. But as I was lifting plentiful spoonfuls of Frosty to my mouth, I thought about a few friends of mine who would be especially saddened by the news. Then tonight, I decided to Google the JBC, and I learned that there are those who feel very strongly about the price increase. Here is my favorite example.

Rick Rea and Travis Wright of American Fork High School in American Fork, Utah have responded to the sandwich situation on their school's website. They write, "To our dismay, Wendy’s has raised the price of this great American product to $1.29, and the students aren’t happy." They add, "As of the date of publication of this article, there have been no protests or riots. Yet. We leave that to you, fellow students."

Personally, I still love Wendy's. Not too long ago I visited the original Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio with fellow BJU alumnus Dave B. It was great. Anyway, when it comes to inflation, I just try to think about a joke that I heard one time. It goes like this: Inflation allows you to live in a more expensive neighborhood without moving!

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