Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More SC Financial Aid For BJU Students

The Greenville News reports today the following news about BJU students now being able to receive addition SC financial aid.

"Legislators bucked Gov. Mark Sanford's wishes concerning a change that would
allow Bob Jones University students to be eligible for Palmetto Fellows
Scholarships. . . Although Bob Jones' students were eligible for Life
Scholarships, they previously were ineligible for the $6,700 yearly Palmetto
Fellows awards because the Christian fundamentalist school wasn't accredited.
Jonathan Pait, a spokesman for the school, said the school applied for
accreditation two years ago from the Trans Regional Association of Christian
and received candidate status in April. 'For all intents and purposes,
that means we have our accreditation,' he said."

Ah, now why could the peeps at BJU not seen the light earlier and gotten accredited when I went to school there?!?!?
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