Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The August edition of Calvary Contender included a paragraph about how Jack Van Impe recently attacked Dr. Ian Paisley on television. I'm glad that this information was published because I was watching Jack Van Impe's show when he did it! There was even a picture of Dr. Paisley on the screen while Van Impe was talking about him. It was truly bizarre! Of course, Jack Van Impe's show in general is very strange. Here is what Calvary Contender reports:

ROME—The death of John Paul II and the installation of his successor Pope
Benedict XVI gave Jack Van Impe a chance to announce to his television audience
that he was a changed man, that he had learned to embrace “his Catholic brothers
and sisters in Jesus.” Andy Foster wrote in the May-July Canadian Revivalist:
“Dr. Van Impe uses the language of conversion to describe the 'change' that
occurred in his own thinking about Roman Catholicism.” He claims that the Church
of Rome believes the fundamentals of the faith and that Protestants who separate
from Roman dogma are carried away with minor issues. He slandered the witness of
Dr. Ian Paisley, calling him a “religious leader who often leads the Protestants
up to the front to kill the Catholics.” [This is especially sad for this editor,
since Van Impe in the early 70s was a favorite preachers!]"

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