Monday, August 08, 2005

Here are two paragraphs from "Divide on Doctrine Fuels Fight between Va. College, Ousted Clerk" from The Washington Post.

"For two years, Jeremy Hunley sorted magazines and shelved books as a library clerk at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va.

He enjoyed the work, thought the recently founded college's students were smart and polite and believed in the mission of the school: to mold academic superstars into Christian leaders. A born-again Christian himself, Hunley said he felt at home. That is, up until the day last year when he was told to resign or be fired. The reason: He believes baptism is essential for salvation."

After reading the entire article, I thought to myself that this story sounds a lot like what Ted Mercer did at BJU more than half a century ago. The following passages are from Dr. Turner's book Standing Without Apology.

"Within four weeks of the firing, Ted Mercer published a twenty-page
booklet detailing from his perspective the events that led to his dismissal
through July 1953. Shortly after this booklet was distributed, a second booklet
of twenty-four pages was published containing more substantive issues that
related to salaries, faculty housing, and academic issues." (page 156)

"He sent copies of these booklets to each student, as well as letters,
some duplicated and some personal, attempting to dissuade them from returning to BJU." (page 157)

Who is Dr. Turner? I don't remember.
Dr. Dan Turner is Head of the Music Education department. His biography is on the secondary education faculty webpage:
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