Friday, January 18, 2008

On visit to BJU, Paul explains views on abortion, war, drugs

"Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul paid a visit to Bob Jones University late Thursday afternoon, speaking to a group packed into a small classroom.

Outside, more than a hundred people tiptoed through the snow and stuck their heads through windows to listen to and take photos of the Texas congressman and physician as he made a stump speech and took questions from those who managed to find a way inside."

From The Greenville News

Buzz, I was there--and let me tell you it was mortifying. They should have given Dr. Paul Stratton Hall. There were so many people there who wanted to hear him speak. I was 8 months pregnant and packed in there so tight, I thought I would die. He did a great job! I wish more BJU'ers could see the light and realize that this man speaks the truth. Viva Ron Paul!!!
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