Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Zaxby's Invasion

Ever since I graduated from college I have hoped that Zaxby's would open a restaurant in Ohio. But I had checked their website over the years and could see that they were only located in the Southeast. So I was very excited to hear that the first Zaxby's without a drive-through window opened this month near OSU in Columbus. And more are scheduled to be built. A lot more! It's difficult to imagine so I'll just pass on what the article in The Columbus Dispatch had to say.

The corporation will own and operate the first of several Zaxby's in Ohio, and then will look for franchisees to take over. Amy Camp Pritchett, franchise- administration director, said Columbus alone could be home to as many as 40 of the restaurants, with as many as 90 built in central Ohio within several years.

Anyway, I'm excited. My only regret is that Zaxby's discontinued the Italian Chicken Sandwich a few years ago. But with 90 Zaxby's on their way, I'm not complaining!

Zaxby's is so happy to be in Ohio among great Zaxby's fans like you! Be a real fan and join the Zaxby's OSU Fanatics Facebook page!
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